Day Twenty-Four Featuring Sivan Einav

Honoring The Divine Feminine Within: A Universal Kabbalistic Approach for Pregnancy & Beyond

About Sivan Einav

About Sivan Einav

Sivan is a Wellness Expert and the founder of Binahtit*, a company dedicated to helping Women to reclaim their success without compromising their femininity & health. With over 20 years of experience in Clinical Nutrition, Ayurvedic Medicine, yoga & meditation, and Universal Kabbalah, Sivan is committed to helping you on your Divine fertility journey. Sivan has helped thousands of pregnant women from preconception through birth. She spent the first decade of her career managing a high risk prenatal clinic, utilizing her background in clinical nutrition and Ayurvedic Medicine.

Sivan was born and raised in Israel, and from a young age she was exposed to the mysteries and traditions of Kabbalah and the science of the body’s healing potential. She is a practical Kabbalist, a lover of ancient wisdom and modern science, a believer in women’s ability to reconnect to their divine feminine within. Sivan grew up surrounded by many powerful women who taught her to connect to the Divine Feminine energy with her, and to heal herself and others with herbs and homemade remedies.

Sivan holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition, and she studied Ayurvedic Medicine under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Master. Sivan is an active member of the International Naam Yoga Therapies Teacher Training Program Team. She shares her wisdom every Monday in the “Binahtit Wellness Membership,” a weekly online subscription that is designed to help women reconnect to their Divine Feminine through movement, ancient wisdom, Kabbalistic Rituals, and meditation. Sivan’s desire is to empower her clients to access their Divine Feminine, embrace themselves fully, love their sacred body, celebrate their sexuality, receive the love of a soul mate, heal their core wounds, let go of codependencies, and remove any need for outer validation.

Sivan lives in Washington DC with her beloved husband Gary.

* A Binahtit is a woman who becomes an instrument of the Divine Mother, and is committed to sharing these attributes with the world.

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