Day 32: Featuring Lemia Astarabadi & Joshua Bowser

Grand Finale: Removing Spiritual Blocks & Healing Through Fertility

About Lemia Astarabadi & Joshua Bowser

Through aromatherapy, yoga, vibrational healing, meditation, Harmonyum Bio- Metaphysical Healing, nutrition, plant-based living, massage therapy, live music, and laughter, Lemia and Joshua are inspired to share these empowering tools with all who desire to learn. They are enthusiastic teachers passionate about health, the environment, and the conscious evolution of all life. This is what has inspired them to start their own essential oil company, “Sacred Scents Aromatherapy”. They play positive and mantra music in their band, “The Conscious Groove”, and believe that music and nature are the greatest examples of how to connect and find harmony and joy in this amazing life we get to live.

You can also find them at the links below or right here:

Use FERTILITY10 for a discount on Sacred Scents aromatherapy essences.