Day Twenty-Three Featuring Dr. Bryan Miller

Kaya Kalpa: An Ancient Practice for Complete Mind, Body & Soul Regeneration

About Dr. Bryan Miller

Dr. Bryan Miller has been a pillar for Ayurvedic Wellness for decades, along with his late wife, Dr. Light Miller. Bryan is a Chiropractor who has used his wellness expertise to help others overcome their physical, spiritual and emotional challenges.

Together Bryan and Light Miller trained hundreds of students in the art of holistic wellness using the science of Ayurveda, Essential Oils, Herbs and Panchakarma. Bryan and Light Miller ran an Ayurvedic Healing Clinic in Sarasota Florida for many years, before opening another center in Hollywood, Florida, which ultimately led them to Puerto Rico, where they continued to train practitioners through their certification programs. Upon Light’s passing, Bryan has retreated from his teaching career to take care of their home and Light’s mother.

Kaya Kalpa is Light and Bryan’s “secret specialty” and Bryan continues that lineage today, honoring all the work that he and Light Miller created and built up over the years together.