Day Six Featuring Maya Tiwari

The Primordial Rights of A Woman's Womb

About Maya Tiwari

Maya Tiwari is a global health activist and world-renowned Ayurveda pioneer, thought leader and best-selling author working in the field for 38 years. She established the first Ayurvedic school in North America in 1981, the Wise Earth School of Ayurveda.

Tiwari is also founder of the the Mother Om Mission (MOM), a charitable organization in at-risk communities in New York that transforms disease and despair into wellness and joy.

An ovarian cancer survivor at age 23, she has personally helped thousands of women to heal from devastating disorders. Through her global humanitarian work at Living Ahimsa, World Peace Mandala and Honor Ancestors’ Conferences she has taught approximately 1 million participants to practice inner harmony, ancestral wellness and to re-align with Mother Earth.

Maya is a regular Featured Speaker at the Parliament of the World Religions where she has presented alongside the Dalai Lama. She has been a Plenary Speaker for more than 100 Inter-faith and Holistic conferences worldwide. Tiwari is also the recipient of the Dhanvantari Award and AAPNA’s Rishi Award for her outstanding work in Ayurvedic medicine.