Day Eleven Featuring Kevin Walton

Unifying Polarity: Harmonizing the Masculine/Feminine Energy Principles

About Kevin Walton

Kevin Walton is a Transformation Specialist, Spiritual Guide, and Activational Speaker.  He has led thousands of students and initiates from all over the world on a journey within to access the greater capacity of themselves.  He has supported the process of improving productivity, relationship dynamics, overall health, inner-wellness, and depth of spiritual connection through the facilitation of his practice known as “Creatorhood: The Art of Living From Truth”.

Kevin’s work begins with the premise that everyone is naturally masterful, miraculous, powerful, and loving, yet through very specific forms of conditioning, have chosen to live out limiting beliefs, conflicting identities, and distorted behavior patterns that have brought about clear misalignments with our natural state of being.  His process is a journey to restore mental, physical, and emotional alignment within his students to support them living in their fullest authentic expression.

Though also a writer, successful working actor, artist, and entertainer, Kevin has dedicated his life to use is position in contribution of developing a more unified and advanced society through enhancing greater self-awareness, inner clarity, emotional maturity, community development, and self-actualization in men, women, and children of all ages.⁣

He is the founder of The Light Beings Ministry and a Leader and Pillar Facilitator in the Sacred Sons Men’s Movement.   His practice and guidance has activated and supported thousands across the globe through private sessions, retreats, workshops, courses, seminars, and activational talks, all serving the inspiration to live more authentic, open-hearted, purposeful, and passionate through accessing the truth of everyone’s unlimited creative potential.⁣