Day Twenty-Five Featuring Dr. Julie Von

Spiritual Fertility: Transforming Trauma Into A Healing Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond

About Dr. Julie Von

Dr Julie Von is a Manhattan based holistic doctor specializing in fertility. At a young age, Julie began apprenticing with healers, shaman and doctors around the world.  Julie became one of the youngest people in the US to study Chinese medicine and continued her education in China obtaining an esteemed doctoral degree. Her clinical work in New York City has spanned over a decade and has aligned her with some of the most advanced and well-known names in the field of fertility medicine. Julie merges her medical education with her initiation into earth-based and intuitive-based practices.

The method called Spiritual Fertility, which she has developed, has assisted countless couples in conceiving and carrying healthy children into the world.

Her unique capacity and experience within both reproductive medicine and medical intuition makes her an extraordinary advocate for her clients.  The energetic and intuitive work she shares is grounded in real clinical and medical experience. Julie’s work has been called evocative, eloquent, mystical and practical.  Her most sincere desire is to help individuals to connect to the spirits of their children while guiding them to earth in the most gentle and loving of ways.  Dr Von’s book on spirituality and fertility, published by Hay House, was released in 2019.