Day Eighteen Featuring Courtney Miller

Navigating 2021 and the Laws that Govern The Unseen World and the 3 Planes of Existence (Physical, Astral and Divine Worlds)

About Courtney Miller

Courtney is the co-founder of Naam LA, Director of Harmonyum Healing System, an international teacher trainer for Naam Yoga, and she is a teacher trainer for The Kabbalah of Birth & Beyond.

Courtney Miller is a wellness expert and spiritual entrepreneur with a life-long devotion to the healing arts through her dedicated yoga practice as a Naam Yoga coach, instructor, trainer, practitioner and serial entrepreneur of transformational classes, workshops and programs.

She helps her students take spiritual shifts by working with the universal laws that govern the Physical, Astral and Divine worlds. Courtney attributes her work in Divine Spiritual Wisdom to the founder of Naam Yoga, Dr. Joseph Michael Levry. This work has bestowed many blessings on her life and in the life of those who work with her.